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Jamera Blends Musical Styles With Empowering Lyrics

By on February 20, 2013

It’s easy to compare every African-American R&B/Pop singer to Beyonce these days. After all, Miss Knowles has the market essentially cornered in that genre so it’s no wonder many up and coming performers want to emulate her and critics want to push every fresh face into that corner. Jamera Simmons won’t be able to escape that comparison until people really listen to music she’s laying down. While Beyonce is an apt comparison vocally, Jamera’s lyrical content and streetwise poetic attitude can be better compared to Lauryn Hill. That is a potent combination.

Currently residing in Atlanta, Jamera has wowed audiences all over the world. Powered by a sexy, soulful voice, she was inspired by west coast rappers and alternative rock bands she was exposed to in the 90s. But that doesn’t mean she can’t write and record some pure pop goodness. Take her new single Grown, for example. At first listen it has all the playful appeal of many songs by female artists on the radio today. But the message in the lyrics is much deeper, showing her to be much more of a role model for women than the average singer. It’s all about growing up, taking on life’s challenges one by one and being independent. She sings, “I paid the cost to be the boss.” If I ever have a daughter, this is the attitude I want her to have.

Snag her song on iTunes. Visit her online. And check out the video for Grown below.

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Lauren Michelle

Entertainment Director at Scandalous!
Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.

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